The Need

The National Wildlife Refuge System sought the services of the Leadership Center to provide training to the members of its Friends board members in the areas of board and membership development, volunteer recruitment and fundraising.

The Solution

We determined that the Leadership Center could best serve The National Wildlife Refuge System by developing a custom framework, training, models and tools around the following goals:

  • Functioning effectively as a Board
  • Developing a high performing team
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Campaigning for dues paying members
  • Developing creative, diversified fundraising efforts

The Impact

Through this custom training, the Friends groups were able to implement their learnings with their fellow board members immediately, providing the models and tools needed to engage them on a more strategic level.

Client Testimonials

“I really like the practical information we received. It was especially nice that the models are easy to use and understand – no heavy-duty training or certification required in order for us to use these with others and explain how they work.”

“Today was chocked full of ideas and action items for sure. You gave us an insurmountable amount of tools to take home to increase our effectiveness.”

“Your ability to read, inquire, adjust and connect was frankly among the best I’ve ever seen anyone outside our organization do with our Friends [members]. And a number of them have told me the same thing. You nailed it and it was an honor to have you with us today.”