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“I expected to learn about the community through Leadership Arlington – and I did. What I didn’t expect was that I would form connections and friendships that would last well beyond Leadership Arlington’s graduation. I rarely go a day without running into a graduate of Leadership Arlington. And my own classmates still get together regularly. I would go through it again if they would let me!”
Studio portraits for Sam Kelly. Photo by Louis Tinsley/DC Corporate Headshots.Sam Kelly, LA Class of '17, CEO, Bridges to Independence
“As a transplant from the Midwest, I didn’t grow up with the context around how the DMV area operates. Leadership Arlington has been an absolute eye opener for me and I can feel my roots growing more deeply into this community with each session. And it isn’t only the programming within the program. Perhaps even more meaningful are the connections with brilliant, talented, and passionate leaders from the area that I have been able to cultivate throughout the program.”
Stacy Cook, LA Class of '19, Principal, Perception Learning

Program Structure

Leadership Arlington is a nine-month program for established leaders, designed to strengthen and build community through an experiential issue-based and skill-building curriculum. Each class is comprised of approximately 50 leaders from the private, nonprofit and public sectors to ensure diverse perspectives and opportunities for personal and professional development.

To enlighten, inspire and connect leaders to strengthen the community by creating a prepared, inspired and inclusive leadership who together embrace responsibility for the common good.
Leadership Arlington is a nine-month program, which promotes a strong commitment to strengthening and building our community.
A balanced class of approximately 50 established leaders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors.
The application for the Leadership Arlington Class of 2020 has passed. For more information, please reach to Liz Nohra, Chief of External Relations, at lnohra@leadercenter.org
Class Members Selected Each Year
Days of Learning in the Program Year
Cost of Tuition (Partial Scholarship Available)
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Currently accepting applications for Class of 2020!
Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 5:00pm

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Information Sessions

In order to help prospective applicants gain an understanding of Leadership Arlington and to answer questions applicants might have, Leadership Center for Excellence holds informational sessions. The sessions include conversations with LCE members and a short presentation. We encourage you to attend as our guest!

There are no more information sessions for the Class of 2020. Sessions for the Class of 2021 will be scheduled in early 2020.

Have questions? Please contact Liz Nohra, Chief of External Relations, at lnohra@leadercenter.org or 703-528-2522, x15.

Benefits of Participation

How do YOU benefit?

  • Opportunity to employ leadership strengths, increase leadership skills and recognize arenas in which unique contributions may be applied

  • Expanded awareness of issues and challenges facing our community

  • Ability to articulate a vision for the community and translate that vision into action

  • Chance to discover strategies for developing others’ personal vision and power

  • Networking with fellow community leaders on a personal and professional level

How does YOUR ORGANIZATION benefit?

  • Retention of employees with deepened leadership capabilities and a greater understanding of how to maximize community engagement

  • Opportunity to showcase your organization’s involvement in the premier leadership organization in the community

  • Rewards of networking with a diverse group of 1,400 community leaders representing over 600 organizations

  • Visible commitment to service in the community

  • Creation of workforce stability through membership engagement

How does the COMMUNITY benefit?

  • Increased source of quality leaders in the community

  • Improved communication network among civil, social, educational and business leaders in the region

  • Membership contribution of over 25,000 volunteer hours to the community annually, representing over $580,000 in donated time

  • Assistance to leaders in their development, matching their skills and interests with the needs of the community

  • Leadership base with broadened perspectives, prepared to more effectively guide our community into the future

Leadership Arlington is nothing if not a programmatic gem of civic cultivation that instills being, learning, leading and dreaming in newly minted civic entrepreneurs. And this, in turn, helps bestow collaborative advantage – both to preserve what is wonderful about the place we call home, but also, and perhaps more importantly, to creatively surmount the signature regional challenges of our day that are ours to tackle.
Merrick Hoben, Leadership Arlington Class of 2015
Through Leadership Arlington, I have learned new skills and was enlightened about many aspects of the region. This knowledge has helped me personally as well as professionally. Most importantly, I have made some long-lasting friendships with amazing people who I never would have met otherwise. I was particularly taken with the emphasis that LA puts on giving back to the community. This organization helps build honest leaders who are givers. I am honored to be a lifetime member of LA.
Lucy Bowen McCauley, Leadership Arlington Class of 2008
I have benefited significantly from my experience in Leadership Arlington. I have learned a great deal about community leadership and what it takes to build a world class community. During our Opening Retreat, one of our speakers suggested the importance of fostering and building connections, as “the power of connection is significant in getting things done.” As a result of my experience in Leadership Arlington, I am confident I will stay engaged and involved in making a difference. I am grateful for this opportunity.
Mike Jewth, Leadership Arlington Class of 2015
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