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For established leaders from all sectors across the DMV

Pilot Program Applications Closed

The program will encompass five full workshop days at Nestlé’s new US Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Applications for the Pilot Cohort are now closed. For information about the next cohort, please reach to Karen Coltrane at

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Pilot Program Dates:

June 26

July 31

Aug 27

Sept 23

Oct 8

Listen to Karen Coltrane’s interview with Lynn Borton on Choose to Be Curious about Leadership, Inclusion, and Curiosity.

Program Deliverables

  • The ability to identify “blind spots” and how to suspend assumptions

  • A deeper knowledge of how to effectively manage and lead diverse workers, clients and constituents

  • Upon completion of the program, you will become a DMV Diversity Fellow, joining your fellow alumni in creating a powerful, cross-sector regional network

Program Content

  • The program will use case studies, audio and visual learning tools, individual and group competitions, personal stories and presentation of concepts and frameworks, all designed to stimulate productive dialogue and build leadership skills

  • Explore timely issues as #MeToo, unconscious bias, “iGen” (Generation Z) trends, systemic disadvantages, and diversity and humor will be explored

  • Participants will be placed in teams and assigned a best practice to research, identifying new and innovative ways organizations can achieve and measure progress on those factors

This is not a traditional “diversity training class”. Rather DMV Diversity & Inclusion Institute brings everyone into the definition of diversity to consider how differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, geographic orientation, culture, knowledge, experience and perception impact the lives of individuals and enterprises and how prepared leaders can leverage these differences in support of their missions.

Designed and facilitated by Juan Johnson, a Leadership Center faculty leader and Diversity Leadership in Action founder and president, DMV Diversity & Inclusion Institute brings participants together one day a month for five months. Learning opportunities include case studies, scenarios and analyses and other experiential learning tools to maximize interaction and discussion among participants and facilitate productive relationships.

As part of the program, participants will work in small groups to identify challenges and research real solutions to create a ‘best practices database’ for DMV fellows to share and reference long after the program’s completion.

Facilitated by Juan Johnson

Juan Johnson

Mr. Johnson was the architect of Coca-Cola’s initial diversity efforts as the company’s Vice President and Director, Diversity Strategies.  Prior to his work in the diversity and inclusion space, Mr. Johnson worked for Arthur Anderson and was one of Coca-Cola’s youngest board-elected vice presidents, leading the company’s investor relations efforts.  His strong business and financial backgrounds inform DMV Diversity Institute’s approach in which he shifts the focus from ‘what the organization should do to advance diversity,’ to ‘what diversity can do to advance the organization.’

Pilot Program Schedule

Day 1 June 26th (Wednesday)
• Defining diversity
• Exploring the complexity of diversity
• The case for Inclusion
• Socioeconomic challenges

Day 2 July 31st (Wednesday)
• Dialogue across differences
• Personal stories
• Intent vs. Impact: unconscious bias, tone deafness, etc.
• Diversity Blind Spots

Day 3 August 27th (Tuesday)
• Race and Gender Equity
• #Me Too
• Tools and Frameworks for leaders
• Four Generations at work

Day 4 September 23rd (Monday)
• Systemic disadvantages: ethnicity, expressions of faith, gender, mental / physical characteristics, race, sexual orientation
• A first-person account
• #Living While Black
• “iGen” (Generation Z) Trends
• Diversity and humor

Day 5 October 8th (Tuesday)
• Group project presentations
• Feedback share for future program

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