The Need

A-SPAN needed to clarify focus areas in order to ensure the future success of the organization and clarify its goals as a team of people working to end homelessness in Arlington.

The Solution

We determined that the Leadership Center could best serve A-SPAN by developing a custom training program around change leadership, structured to reflect the following goals:

  • Develop a comprehensive strategic plan that will identify a road map for the next three years
  • Develop a high performing team
  • Develop an understanding of the Board’s role in fundraising and development

We facilitated six meetings with A-SPAN Board members and staff focused on achieving these goals. Ninety-minute trainings included:

  • Development of an organizational timeline to enlighten and inspire while also building a collective history
  • DiSC professional profile assessments for each participant to better understand his or her work style in a team setting
  • An exercise to identify and understand the team’s values, thus setting a foundation for appropriate behavior an solid decision-making processes
  • Simulations and strategic planning exercises
  • Effective fundraising and board development techniques

The Impact

Through this custom training, we equipped A-SPAN with a road map forward. Not only did each team member better understand his or her work style on their team, but also the team as a whole better understood its style and the key factors that positively impact performance. This understanding allowed the team to work toward A-SPAN’s mission more efficiently and with greater satisfaction.

Client Testimonial

“The Leadership Center for Excellence has been phenomenal for A-SPAN, providing us with recognition, connections that lead to impact, courage to think outside of the box and perspectives of other sectors that have improved our teamwork and service delivery.”

— Kathy Sibert, Executive Director, A-SPAN