How Does Coaching Benefit You?

Expand your growth and development to make your leadership soar.

  • Growth: professional and personal
  • Confidential: a safe space to explore
  • Experts: ICF certified coaches

Leadership Center for Excellence provides one-on-one coaching for individuals seeking to accomplish personal and professional goals through purposeful dialogue.

Our coaching provides professionals at all levels of the leadership continuum with the opportunity to strengthen their personal impact.

  • Custom consulting approach to each client engagement backed by framework of best practices
  • Variety of experts in the field to deliver each of the services needed by our clients at the highest level of quality possible
  • Connection to a community of 1,600 leaders representing over 600 dynamic organizations

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The client identifies goals for the coaching agreement. These goals will be referenced throughout the coaching engagement to ensure they are being met to the client’s satisfaction. At the conclusion of the engagement, the client and coach will evaluate the client’s progress against the goals established at the onset. Coaching engagements may address leadership competencies, professional/career development, specific projects or business issues or other areas of focus and value for the client and organization.


Each 50-minute session may be conducted in person or over the telephone, depending on the client’s desire. All sessions are kept strictly confidential. Sessions are recommended in sets of three, five or ten. The client may choose the number of sessions for the engagement.


Executive coaching is an investment in yourself. Each session costs $350. Half of payment is due after the first meeting with the executive coach, and the remainder is due at mid-point in the engagement.

Recommended options are as follows:

  • Set of 3 sessions: $1,050
  • Set of 5 sessions: $1,750
  • Set of 10 sessions: $3,500
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Whether you attend our skills development or nonprofit board workshops or request a custom consulting, training or coaching arrangement with Leadership Center for Excellence, the experiential learning environment we create will equip you with fresh insights and concrete tools. We'd love to speak with you about where you are and where you'd like to be!
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