The Need

The City of Rancho Cordova and Leadership Rancho Cordova sought the help of the Leadership Center for Excellence in their efforts to improve leadership in a community where many key decision-makers do not live within the city limits, but are passionate about the city in which they work.

The Solution

We determined that the Leadership Center could best serve Rancho Cordova by developing a custom multi-day training program around community leadership, structured to reflect the following goals:

  • Develop an overall approach to community building
  • Share national best practices regarding innovative community leadership programs
  • Develop and guide the process of dialogue to help form and shape the direction of the Leadership Rancho Cordova community
  • Facilitate a dialogue(s) with stakeholders to gain clarity around the needs of the Rancho Cordova community in order to inform key decision makers about the strategic opportunities/needs for the development of the desired community leadership
  • Develop a graphic timeline with community stakeholders of the history of Rancho Cordova

We facilitated three full days of training sessions, which included:

  • An overview of community leadership best practices
  • Exercises for visioning, strategic planning and documenting an organizational history
  • Meetings with the Chamber of Commerce board, Chamber Foundation board and key business leaders to equip and inspire them to advance the city’s vision
  • Recaps that provided the nuts and bolts of implementing a successful community leadership program

Participants at all levels were able to engage with what was presented in an experiential fashion – brainstorming, documenting and taking away information that could be utilized immediately. A final report was provided documenting each session’s goals, process, outcomes and our recommendations.

The Impact

Through this custom training, we delivered to the City of Rancho Cordova and constituents ideas, materials and planning tools to strengthen existing leaders in its community as well as steadily build its community leadership program. The impact was stimulation for ongoing discussion, planning and implementation of best practices and recommendations necessary to the growth of leadership in the city.

Client Testimonial

“Through a customized, client-centered approach, the Leadership Center for Excellence supported the community and citizens of Rancho Cordova to capture what was most important to us and unique about our community while enabling us to clearly define our vision for the future we desire. The Center successfully brought together our entire community…all segments of business, non-profits, etc., to work on this important task of identifying current and potential leaders for our community.”

–Ted Gaebler, Former City Manager, Rancho Cordova, CA