ON BOARD! Workshops

Prospective, new and seasoned Board members alike as well as nonprofit staff will benefit from the time tested best practices and interactive panel discussion provided in this professional training.

ON BOARD! trainings are one-day seminars designed to provide:

  • A broad, basic overview of the roles and responsibilities of board service
  • Fundraising, corporate partnership and strategic partners tactics
  • Policy-based governance models
  • Common vocabulary for staff and boards to communicate well

The ON BOARD! faculty is comprised of trained facilitators and seasoned executives eager to share their years of “real world” experience with board members and potential board members and staff of nonprofit organizations.

Participants will walk away with a training manual filled with samples and ideas to reinforce their learnings.

Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops are perfect for individuals seeking professional development, knowledge about a new topic and networking opportunities. Workshop topics have included nonprofit board training, marketing, time management, neuroleadership, corporate partnerships, organizational development, communications for teams and conflict resolution. Participants enjoy hearing from experts in these fields and walk away not only with fresh insights, but also an action plan successfully implementing the workshop’s topic.

Leadership Workshops

Tools for Your Toolbox!

Leadership Workshops lend expert insights, provide interactive experiential learning and equip you with an action plan for success in a variety of practical leadership topics!

ON BOARD! Workshops

Professional Board Training

Whether seasoned or new, get a broad overview of board roles, fundraising, legal and financial responsibilities.

What Participants Say

On behalf of all of us attendees today, I want to extend a big Thank You for facilitating a very helpful workshop to a group of our senior leaders. I can tell from the follow-up emails that I am already receiving that folks are hungry for this information and have plans to share it with their colleagues.
Participant, JBS International, Leadership Workshop: Elevator Pitch
I enjoyed a terrific session yesterday of ON BOARD! The daylong seminar on non-profit boards was highly instructive and entertaining. It also served as a good opportunity for networking. I’d recommend this Leadership Center for Excellence training for anyone currently serving or considering serving on the board of a non-profit corporation. Thanks!
Participant, ON BOARD! Professional Training
This was a fabulous class that exceeded expectations. I left feeling very confident to serve in my new board position!
Elaine Turville, Accenture, ON BOARD! Professional Training
I knew the quality of education would be excellent, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of material we were able to cover in one day without sacrificing any of that quality. I plan to both mention some specific takeaways and tell my colleagues they should attend.
David Kinney, Kinco, ON BOARD! Professional Training
It was more than just learning about boards. There was a very valuable connection made. I would like all new board members to attend. Not only to educate them on being a good board member, but also to make them more aware of the local organizations that we support.
Jim Wilmot, Arlington Community Federal Credit Union, ON BOARD! Professional Training