Leaders Accelerate! features a variety of sessions, fitting for all leadership tracks. While we have not yet finalized information for our 2018 conference, information about sessions for 2017 may be found below. 

Participants may choose any session to attend, and it is not mandatory to follow the tracks. Tracks are in place as recommendations depending on the career development of participants. 

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Senior Leader

Strategic leader to include C-Suite executives, executive directors, business owners, etc.

Neuroplasticity: Grow Your Leadership Brain for Breakthrough Results

Wendy Swire
In today’s business world, understanding brain science and Neuroleadership is increasingly critical for personal, professional and organizational success. In this dynamic and interactive presentation, we will focus on the exciting area of Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to create new neural connections, to help achieve breakthrough results. The ability to “rewire your brain” has tremendous applications for senior executives, leaders and managers in any organization.

Change Communications: How to Engage Employees in Organizational Change

Mary-Claire Burick
Leading organizational change is challenging but vital to successful outcomes in business initiatives, and communication is a powerful and effective tool that can help leaders and managers increase employee understanding, commitment and engagement in organizational changes. This session will present an overview of the underlying principles of change and share best practices, common pitfalls and a straight-forward model for planning and guiding change communications.

Leading Conscious Change: Exploring the Missing Component of Organizational Change

Rick Auman
To survive and thrive in constant uncertainty, leaders must master the work of both personal and business transformation to build a healthy, high performance organization. Unfortunately, most change efforts are driven by unconscious personal, team and organizational hijackers. In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn why, what and how to leverage accelerators and avoid hijackers to better transform yourself and your organization to successfully lead conscious change.

Volatility 2017: How to Lead Through the Uncertainty

Brian Kropp
The most effective leaders are collaborative and inclusive in their planning and decision-making processes. With political disruptions, technological innovations and the growth of the gig economy, leaders must change their approach for successful implementation of initiatives, including a shift from top-down, decision making to inclusive strategies; developing conversation, rather than communication, strategies; and pushing decisions and accountability closer to where work gets done.

Achieving Peak Productivity: How to Better Manage Time, Energy & Priorities

Marissa Levin
We have a limited number of hours in the day. Many confuse “busy” with “productive.” To achieve peak productivity AND maximum life enjoyment, we must intentionally integrate time management, energy management and prioritization strategies. By doing so, we can say no to the “good” to make room for the “great.” In this hands-on session, you’ll receive a workbook to create your own strategies and track productivity progress, as well as a proven set of tools to use in your daily lives

What Lies Beneath: Understanding People's Motivation Styles

Margarita Rozenfeld
As leaders, it is essential to hear and understand what truly lies beneath people’s behaviors, concerns, and decisions. What really motivates them? What are their triggers and hot buttons? In this informative, interactive session, you will learn about different motivation styles and the coaching methodology for listening and exploring others’ values and drivers to better assess individual needs, circumvent possible resistance, increase buy-in, and create stronger, more productive relationships.

Established Leader

Influential leader with 10+ years of workplace experience.

Stale to Fresh: Is Your Organization Idea Driven?

Greg Roth
Organizations get the best work out of their people and teams when they are truly supportive of creativity. To be a creative organization, you must build a culture that encourages fresh thinking, supports new ideas and removes the roadblocks to solutions and results. Taken from research, as well as interviews with chief creatives, you will learn how to build a culture of “idea ownership” that develops staff into more productive and successful team members.

Intentional Leadership: “Notice” What You See and Be a Hero at Work

Margery Leveen Sher
This is an entertaining and thought-provoking session filled with strategies for leadership, team-building, communications and increasing productivity, based on academic research, particularly the work of Dr. Ellen Langer of Harvard. “Noticing” means mindfulness, in terms of being alert and focused. In this hands-on session, you will practice mindfulness, learn to notice “zippers,” “broccoli,” Human Idiosyn-Crazies™ and how to convert this awareness into keys for leadership and productivity.

Here's What I Want. Here's What I'm Seeing

Ian Cook
Delivering corrective feedback, especially when it’s to an employee who is performing at a poor or marginal level, is one of the most difficult – and courageous – tasks a manager is called upon to perform. No wonder we tend to avoid it! You will discover practical, assertive ways to talk about performance approaches that don’t come across as blaming, shaming, or parental, and thus maximize the probability that your employee will make the choice to improve in the areas in question.

Create Your Loyal Following: Hidden Strategies to Lead a Successful, Diverse and Driven Team

Jan Day Gravel, Debbi Jarvis, Pinkie Mayfield & Sandra Vu Le
How do you as a leader get those who may be different from you and  from each other to work together towards a common goal?  This women’s panel will discuss challenges and offer practical solutions and cultural insights on how to successfully work, motivate and lead a highly diverse team.

Built for Legacy: Foundations for Sustainable Team Excellence

Pete Smith
 Sustainable team excellence begins before an employee joins the organization. The leader of tomorrow needs to be at the forefront of cultivating organization, team and individual identity. You will learn how to be change agents and address the seemingly insignificant activities, the ones most easily ignored that often create the most damaging consequences. You also will learn about performance improvement, recognizing that what drives engagement and productivity.

Attracting and Engaging Millennials: Can You Really Do It?

Virginia Bianco-Mathis
Refer to “millennials” to a group of managers, and the groan is audible. Research espouses everything from “millennials want the same things as every other generation” to “ten things needed to get the best out of millennials.” A common complaint seems to be, “they act as if they are entitled and deserve to be immediately promoted.” In this session, you’ll learn more about the millennial generation and how to successfully engage them in your organization.

The Feedback Imperative: Essential Tips for Effective Feedback

Mary Abbajay
Giving effective feedback is a critical skill. Providing feedback that can be “heard” and utilized by the receiver requires the development and cultivation of very specific communication skills. When done effectively, feedback is a powerful force that improves performance, bolsters productivity and helps individuals develop their talents, build confidence and become world-class performers. In this session, you will learn and practice a proven framework for communicating feedback.

Emerging Leader

High-potential leader with less than 10 years of workplace experience.

Are You a Flexible Communicator?

Ann Rosser
Do you have difficulty communicating with someone on your team? A disconnect in communication styles can create dysfunctional teams and ineffective managers. This session will explore the different communication styles and characteristics so you can be flexible in maximizing conversations for better productivity and management teams. During the session, there will be the opportunity to practice flexing your communication with others of different styles

The GROW Model: Growing Leader-Team Conversational Intelligence

Michele Lebar
In this session, you will discuss real-world conversation breakdown and learn how to navigate “leader-team” conversations using a simple four-step framework. The GROW model helps to break through barriers and assumptions that many times lead to actions not aligned with the results desired. Use this model in formal meetings or on the fly. The beauty is how effectively it helps to clarify and define next steps for goals, projects and tasks and develops team attitudes, skills and behaviors.

The Pivotal Paradox: Beating the Odds Against Change

Griff Hall
The foundations in almost every sector are being rocked. Articles about the future include words like “change” and “transformation.” A growing body of knowledge about change corresponds with ever-increasing resources optimistically poured into change efforts. Leaders tend to know they need to change and many are acting accordingly. Is that enough? You will learn about research that gives us fair warning and yields surprising answers about what elements of change efforts are essential.

Influencer Marketing: Get Them Talking About YOUR Organization

Karen Bate & Angelica Talan
Influencers are social media rock stars whose opinions and recommendations are closely followed by their legions of dedicated fans. How do you get these rock stars to engage and talk about your organization or brand? This interactive presentation will crack the social code and teach participants how to identify, target and work with influencers. You’ll learn tips on mistakes to avoid, what top influencers want and need and clear examples of winning strategies to rock your campaigns.
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